Internet of Things

A collection of smart, connected devices or products that, when pieced together well, can yield new functionality, reliability, utilization, and capabilities that were previously not deemed possible. BK TecHouse as a licensed Internet Service Provider also offers a series of Smart Solutions as added value products for large and medium enterprises, homes, schools, industrial factories, hospitals, parking garages, commercial buildings, construction sites and many more.

IoT Products

Smart Security for Homes & SMEs

  • IP cameras & Internet alarm hub
  • Wireless body detectors
  • Wireless open-close detector
  • Wireless smoke detector
  • Wireless water leakage detector
  • Remote control through APP

Smart School Solution

  • School management software
  • Student smart IDs
  • Access control devices
  • Cashless payment for vending, printing and canteens
  • Library access & CCTV surveillance

Enterprise Security Solution

  • Specialized IP cameras with superior image quality
  • Remote access
  • Powerful analytics video management software
  • High scalability and flexibility
  • Easy and reliable installation with power over Ethernet

Smart Parking Solution

  • ANPR cameras automated vehicle entrance and exit process
  • LED board displays parking resources and information
  • Powerful client software for parking area management
  • Parking areas monitoring with specialized cameras
  • Centralized Control Center

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