Our portfolio of products is built around our customers' needs and expections. Our products are built to delight and empower our customers to reach their highest potential

Our Products

Urubuto Software

URUBUTO Education system is an Innovative Comprehensive School Management Solution. In alignment with our concept to create smart schools, Urubuto...

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Internet of Things Products

A collection of smart, connected devices or products that, when pieced together well, can yield new functionality, reliability, utilization, and capabilities...

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4G LTE Services

With 4G LTE, our Customers are able to stream music and video, upload and download heavy files and essentially do anything on the Web using their mobile phones...

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Fiber Optic Connectivity

BK TecHouse provide the fiber optic broadband services to Home and to Business. The data is transmitted through kt Rwanda Networks (ktRN) Fiber Optic Infrastructure...

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