About us

Founded in 2016, BK TecHouse is an Innovative Technology Company dedicated to delighting our customers, employees and shareholders by providing high quality Innovative Technology products and services that empower our customers to strive in a fast changing market. BK TecHouse is the perfect partner in the digital age when Big no longer beats Small, and it is the Fast beating the Slow! Our Key Differentiators are our Passionate and Professional Staff, our Customer-Centric and Lean-Agile approach to solution development, our Cores Values and Servant Leadership Culture.

BKTecHouse is the Engine Powering Innovation!

Our vision, Mision & Core Values


Become the regional number one customer choice for Innovative Technology Solutions that delight and empower our customers and communities to reach their highest potential.


Passionately and professionally providing the most delightful, empowering, innovative , customer-centric Digital solutions.

Core Values

- Value Creation
- Innovation
- Leadership
- Excellence
- Integrity

Our Key differentiator

Best People




The key differentiator is rooted in our Customer-Centric and Lean-Agile approach to solution development, our Servant Leadership culture, our core values, and goes beyond. Our people are our Brand! We hire the best people, highly motivated, result oriented difference makers, focused on delightfully delivering value for our clients, and changing the communities we serve and live in for the better.

We believe in developing our people through continuous learning, exceptional experience and opportunities to excel, to grow their career, and live a life they want. Embedded in everything we do, is our strong belief that “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou.

At BK TecHouse we strive to be and do better, every day, in every way, for our customers, employees, shareholders and our communities!